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Raising the bar, reaching new



Hi, I'm Tatola (Lisa) Broderick, a Specialist Degree in Curriculum Instruction Management and Administration

Mrs. Tatola Broderick earned a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Florida Memorial University, a Master’s in Mathematics from Nova Southeastern University, and a Specialist Degree in Curriculum Instruction Management and Administration from Nova Southeastern University. 


The enrichment side of the business is to work with youth and teen to prepare high school and college to develop skills that is needed for success.  There will be weekly seminars with guest speakers held on Saturdays to help prepare by giving knowledge

My Vision

TB Tutoring and Enrichment strive to foster a lifelong love for learning and develop life skills for it is the doorway to achieving a successful life.

My Mission

Promoting and fostering learning that represents diverse learning cultures that includes warmth and transparency.  TB Tutoring and Enrichment believes that students should be given every opportunity possible to develop their skills using learning styles they are able to relate to.  Every student is different therefore the learning is differentiated to accommodate their needs.  These skills may cultivate the tools necessary for a successful life.

Why choose me?

I am very dependable trustworthy and displays great leadership, well-versed in my field of study.  I am very passionate about ensuring that my student succeed.  I am very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping student reach their highest potential. 

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Let's Take Your Child Learning to a New Level

Knowledgeable, Excellent & Flexible

Ms. Broderick is absolutely the Best! 

My daughter was struggling in math at the beginning of the academic school year.........

"My son has been tutoring with Mrs. Broderick for a little over a month now.  I must say  I have seen a drastic improvement in his math performance.....

TB Tutoring and Enrichment has truly made a positive name for itself. Prior to enrolling my niece, her grades were below grade level.........

Trusted by Parents and Families around the world

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